All icons provide descriptions that you can find by hovering over the icon.

Run/Rerun Update the current object, whether a set or a node. All jobs necessary to bring the object up to date are scheduled for execution. The jobs that can run now start running.

Stop/Dequeue Un-schedule a job that is not yet running or abort a retrace request. Running jobs are unharmed and keep running. Graceful Stop. Cyan/asked-to-run jobs will turn back purple/invalid.

Stop/Dequeue Stop a running job or a retrace request. This does the same thing as the dequeue above, but in addition kills the selected running jobs. It's a forced stop. Running jobs that have been stopped will turn red.

Navigate Backward Display the previous set that you were browsing.

Navigate Forward Display the next set that you were browsing, when you already went backward.

Refresh Recompute the current set based on the selection rule.

Find Finds files or jobs in the trace. There are two identical Find icons. The left one close to the name of the set being displayed triggers changing the setname box into a search box for the current graph. The other on the extreme right brings up a new dialog that lets you search for files or jobs.

Invalidate Invalidates the selected nodes.

Try Invalidate Tries to validate the selected jobs and its downcone.

Force Invalidate Equivalent of make -t.

Forget Removes the job/file from the graph of dependencies. This does NOT remove the file from disk. It just removes it from the dependencies allowing blocked jobs to start. Usually rerunning vovbuild is enough to bring the dependency back.

Fit Reduces/expands the graph so that it fits in the window.

Zoom In Expands the graph to better see some nodes.

Zoom Out Reduces the graph to see more nodes.

Select Font Size Reduce or enlarge the size of the characters in the nodes.

Vertical View Display the current set using the "graph" widget.

Horizontal View Display the current set using the "horizontal" widget.

Grid View Display the current set using the "grid" widget.

Stats View Display the current set using the "stats" widget.

Graph Settings Set the various preferences for Weight Driven Placement. This takes you to the Graph tab of the Preferences dialog.