Debug Jobs without Running Accelerator Plus

On occasion, jobs that run successfully outside of Accelerator Plus fail when run through Accelerator Plus. When this occurs, mostly likely the setups are not the same: the environment, inputs or other parameters may be different, a misconfiguration or there is a problem with NFS.

To resolve such issues, using the command wx debug can show you the steps that Accelerator Plus takes to run the job.

When some jobs are not behaving as expected, use the command wx debug jobID to get the steps that Accelerator Plus uses to run the job.

wx debug

wx: Usage Message

	If a job appears to behave differently when executed by WX
	than when it runs without using WX, you can use this command
	to debug the problem.

	The command gives you the step-by-step description of what
	WX does to run the job, so that you can do
	the same thing without going through WX.

	For example, if you find a job runs fine without WX, but fails
	in WX, it might simply be that the environment is not set correctly.
	By following the steps provided by this command, you will be able
	to determine what is wrong.

	% wx debug <jobId>

	-h                   - Show this message

Debug Jobs Example

Following the steps in the example below, modified or as is, you can check if you are running the same job in the same setup as it would be in Accelerator Plus.

By eliminating vovserver and vovtasker from the picture, it very often becomes obvious or easy to figure out what the problem is. Sometimes it is a missing environment variable. Sometimes it is an NFS problem, etc. In the unlikely event that run the same job successfully following these steps, there might be something missing or wrong in how Accelerator Plus runs the job, or something is misconfigured.


% nc debug 01597942

# This job was run on host bear. To run the same
# job without going through Accelerator, please follow these steps:

# 1. Logon to the machine (if necessary)
rsh bear -l john     ; # or ssh bear

# 2. Change to the directory
cd /home/john

# 3. Switch to the environment

# 4. Run the job without wrappers or redirection
./myscript input1 input2