Debugging Setup Issues

If you encounter an error of the form:

        ERROR (ADEXL-5011): While simulating text deleted
        Simulation Error:
          Failed to launch the simulation.

          For details open log: text deleted
then check the relevant log file. If the simulator executable is not found, create or select an appropriate Altair Accelerator jobclass and update the 'Job Class' field on the 'Job Setup' form.

If virtuoso repeatedly tries to start a new job, then there is a problem with the setup. Stop the simulation and debug the issue by looking through the CIW output (usually in the file ~/CDS.log).

If you encounter an error of the form:

        *Error* NCJobIntfc.runNC: non-zero status
            command= text deleted
            result= text deleted
        Errset caught: text deleted

then it is possible that the Altair Accelerator nc executable is not in your search path. If the message has the text nc: invalid option then the netcat executable is being used instead. If the message has the text nc: command not found, then the executable nc is not on the search path. In either case, the simplest fix is to exit virtuoso, update your search path and try again.

You may encounter the following error when you bring up the 'Job Setup' form:

        ERROR (ADEXL-1932): Could not initialize LBS text deleted
        lbpsGetComponentHandle: Could not create handle to server
        LBS will not be available for job distribution

This indicates a problem with your LBS configuration. The error is benign, but it you wish to avoid it in future, unset the environment variables LBS_BASE_SYSTEM, LBS_CLUSTER_MASTER.