Set the environment variable META_QUEUE to 1 to activate vendor queueing. Set the environment variable META_QUEUE_TIME to limit how long to retry to acquire a license.

The variable LM_LICENSE_FILE also needs to be set in the environments, although its value will be overridden if you use Altair Accelerator with the wrapper vw vwrap.

For example, if the environment used to run hspice is called HSPICE, add the following lines:
# Add this line to the HSPICE.start.tcl file
setenv META_QUEUE 1
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 1234@name_of_license_host

Submission to Altair Accelerator

If you have multiple license daemons, use VOV_LM_VARNAMES in the HSPICE environment to automatically set the value of LM_LICENSE_FILE. In practice, find the environment definition you want to use for hspice (e.g. $VOVDIR/local/environments/HSPICE.start.csh) and add a statement like
# Fragment of ..../environments/HSPICE.start.csh
Then you can test your setup.
% ves HSPICE
% nc run hspice file.spi