Synopsys Design-Compiler


Although DesignCompiler by Synopsys is totally controllable, most user scripts for synthesis tend to ignore the problem of returning a meaningful exis status, so that most runs of DesignCompiler finish with the "Thank you" message and exit with status 0. To detect errors in the compilation, most customers follow the execution of dc_shell with a grep for errors on the log file.

You can use the script $VOVDIR/eda/Synopsys/vdc_shell as a template to combine dc_shell and grep into a single tool that returns a meaningful exit status.

Environment variables

Activate vendor queueing for the license
setenv SNPSLMD_QUEUE      1

Exclusions for dc_shell

It is common to exclude the command.log file from the dependencies and also all files in the synopsys_cache directory.
# In file exclude.tcl

# This is to allow multiple executions of dc_shell 
# in the same directory.
vtk_exclude_rule -regexp {/command.log$}

# This is to exclude the Synopsys cache from the trace 
# when using vrt as a wrapper.  
vtk_exclude_rule -regexp {/synopsys_cache/}