2022.1.0 Release Notes

New Features

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-7252 Accelerator AAP20379 Added an email icon to the Job/Node Information page in the Accelerator web UI so the user can email the job description and execution information details to the owner of the job. The email action is by a "mailto:" link, so your browser needs to have "mailto:" link handling enabled.
VOV-9004 All 23042 The system health and notification daemon, vovnotifyd, now has the ability to control the timing at which license expiration and other emails are sent. In vovhealthlib.tcl, you can define a TIMEVAR such as:
source $env(VOVDIR)/tcl/vtcl/vovflexlmdlib.tcl
package require vovurlutils


set HEALTHLIB_PRODUCT_MAP(doTestHealthMyFeature) "nc"
# registerHealthCheck doTestHealthMyFeature -checkfreq 10 -forceCheckfreq -mailfreq 10 -forceMailfreq
lappend HEALTH_PROCS(list) doTestHealthMyFeature

proc doTestHealthMyFeature { args } {
    global HEALTH_PROCS
    set homeUrl $HEALTH_PROCS(homeURL)
    # VovMessage "now running doTestHealthMyFeature"
    set subject "TestMyHealthFeature"
    set body "\nHi,\n\nWe ran TestMyHealthFeature.\n"
    doMailNotify doTestHealthMyFeature "@ADMIN" $subject $body

TIMEVAR doTestHealthMyFeature {
    Tue {
        suppressMail doTestHealthMyFeature 1
    06:00-08:00 {
        suppressMail ALL 0
        suppressMail doTestHealthMyFeature 0
    default {
        suppressMail ALL 1
        suppressMail doTestHealthMyFeature 1
Where calling suppressMail with a "1" for the specified health check will suppress the mailings for that TIMEVAR. suppressMail accepts either the name of a specific health check, or "ALL" to control all defined health check routines.
VOV-9417 Allocator 23693 Added Totals row to Allocator Resource Summary Report page.
VOV-10250 All AAP24412 If nc wait cannot find related job info the related message now more accurately describes the job as forgotten instead of vanished.
VOV-10545 All 24546 An additional option -verify has been added to the existing vovversion CLI which checks current client and server versions for mismatches. If a discrepancy is discovered, an error message is displayed and a non-zero exit value is returned, otherwise a verification message is displayed indicating the current version number and a zero exit value is returned.
VOV-11001 All 24808 The cron.csh scripts used by vovcrontab now log through vovdailylog.
VOV-11202 All 24995 Enhanced ? tip help message on filter inputs and added clarification on filter inputs for 'Taskers' and 'Resource Statistics' UI.
VOV-11536 Accelerator None The Container Configuration help page has been updated for clarity and now provides newer, better examples.
VOV-11975 Accelerator CS0120839 There is a new entry in cleanup.config.tcl to control when tasker startup logfiles get removed when running vovcleanup. set config(cleanup,taskerStartup) 180d. This controls clean-up of the tasker startup logs separate from the tasker logs. Users can use vovcleanup to prune tasker logs without accidentally removing the startup log if they wish to do so.
VOV-12006 Accelerator CS0120876 Added auto-trim database option to Database Configuration web page.
VOV-12242 Accelerator None Added a new "shrink-to-fit" job submission option -reconcilemem to nc run. In shrink-to-fit mode, a job's memory resource usage will be reduced after a time if actual memory usage is less than requested RAM usage that was specified with "-r ram/NN".
VOV-12400 Monitor None Updated HASP monitors to support the Sentinel LDK Admin version 8 API.
VOV-12858 Accelerator CS0142679 Added ability to pass the -cmp_remotefile option when using Calibre.
VOV-13227 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus AAP25139 Distributed Parallel support now allows -dpres+ to append resources to either -r or -dpres resource specifiers on the command line or in jobclasses via VOV_JOB_DESC().
VOV-13505 FlowTracer CS0182760 Enhanced LSF driver script to allow jobs submission on execution host(s)/cluster(s) based on the following configurations in LSF config.tcl.
  1. CONFIG(target) - specify the space separated list of cluster(s)/execution host(s), jobs will be submitted using bsub -m option.

    CONFIG(targetName,env) - specify a different named environment per cluster/execution host.

    LSFtarget/LSFTarget - specify cluster/execution host per job in the resource string regardless of the CONFIG(target).

  2. CONFIG(cluster) - specify the space-separated list of the cluster(s), jobs will be submitted using bsub -clusters option

    CONFIG(clusterName,env) - specify a different named environment per cluster.

    LSFcluster/LSFCluster - specify cluster per job in the resource string regardless of the CONFIG(cluster).

VOV-13788 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus AAP24926 Added cleanup of /data/jobs for Accelerator and Accelerator Plus. The default cleanup interval is 10 years.
VOV-13795 Accelerator, Monitor CS0186684 Eliminated unnecessary HTTP-requests made by ftlm_lmproject utility to Monitor since the non-FQDN-version of the hostname is always included in the FQDN request.
VOV-13851 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0208070 Added RabbitMQ logs for nc wait and vovselect command. Added config 'VOV_CLIENT_LOG_TLS' in ncConfig/<queue name>.tcl to enable TLS for RabbitMQ connection.
VOV-13900 Accelerator None A change was made to the upper right pane within the Accelerator dashboard page, whereby the server daemons status squares are removed. This pane will henceforth display only alerts.
VOV-13911 All None When stopping a job with nc stop, you can now specify -skiptop [1|0] to indicate whether or not to send the signal to the top process. The top process is usually a wrapper such as vw, unless the job was started without a wrapper.
VOV-13983 Accelerator CS0121174, CS0209718 Changed the pre and post job environments to include the following variables: VOV_JOBID, VOV_JOBPROJ, VOV_JOBSLOT, VOV_GRABBED_RESOURCES, and for Accelerator specifically, NC_JOBID.
VOV-14017 Accelerator Plus CS0212504 Improved procedure of dequeuing Accelerator Plus jobs in case of a repeated agent failures. vovnc.tcl script will find the jobs of the current bucket more efficiently.
VOV-14026 All None Introduced a feature called VovScope, which provides insights into network activities (read/writes) of vovserver and clients.
VOV-14033 Monitor None Implemented a more modern look-and-feel for the Monitor web UI.
VOV-14098 Monitor None Added ability to generate Checkout Statistics report by user and host.
VOV-14139 Accelerator None Preemption Plans can now take the form:
VovPreemptMethod can now take the form: 
VovPreemptMethod resource SIGNAL -signal SIGNAME -include patternList -exclude patternList 

nc preempt can now take the form: 
nc preempt -method TIME:STATE:SIGNAL,includerx,excluderx,skiptop 
VOV-14177 Accelerator None nc stop now supports setting either NC_STOP_SIGNALS or VOV_STOP_SIGNALS with an EXT like format that doesn't involve invoking vovjobctrl for its implementation.


You can now use :SIGNAL:INCLUDERX:EXCLUDERX:SKIPTOP to do the same thing but without vovjobctrl getting invoked. Job control will be handled directly by the tasker. This also works with VOV_STOP_SIGNALS.

VOV-14178 Accelerator None When starting a job via the REST API, an additional field named nowrapper has been added. This is equivalent to the -n option on the CLI command nc run. The default value is False. If nowrapper is False and the wrapper field is blank or unset, it gets set by the API to vw.

You must set nowrapper=True for a job to be run with no wrapper. When stopping a job via the REST API via a "PUT" request with action='stop', the API now accepts an additional field named "skiptop". If False, the specified stop signal may also be sent to the top job. Normally the top job the is vw wrapper.

When preempting a job via the REST API with a "PUT" request with action='preempt', the API now accepts a syntax for the method field of: TIME:STATE:SIGNAL,includerx,excluderx,skiptop.

This is similar to the updated preemption plan format.

VOV-14274 Accelerator, FlowTracer CS0241168 Default value of -singleuser tasker option can be set with vtk_tasker_set_defaults.
VOV-14289 Monitor CS0243425 Enhanced ftlm_parse_flexlm parser to handle additional data on checkout in the form [user_data=<value>], and display the same under the project in Monitor reports.
VOV-14311 All None The new -alm option is added to the batch_install.csh script to allow the host and port of Altair License Manager to be specified at install time. This is useful when the Accelerator products are to be licensed via Altair License Manager licenses.
VOV-14315 Monitor None Increased performance of matching license checkouts to jobs for NRU cases.
VOV-14419 All None Multiphase support is provided by two additional command arguments to nc run:

-multiphase [1|0] -mpres "resource string" -multiphase 1 enables multiphase jobs.

-mpres sets the resources that will be used for each phase.

The '%' is used as a delimeter for the resources of each phase. e.g. -mpres "linux64 foo%linux64 bar:linux64 baz" By specifying the resources of each phase and designating that certain resources are only allocated to certain taskers, one can run different phases of a job on different taskers.

For example: I have two taskers named tasker1 and tasker2. I want to run phase 1 and 3 on tasker1, and phase 2 on tasker2. My resources may look like:
vtk_resourcemap_set License:blue UNLIMITED License:blue_tasker1 
vtk_resourcemap_set License:red UNLIMITED License:red_tasker2 
vtk_resourcemap_set License:blue_tasker1 1 tasker1 
vtk_resourcemap_set License:red_tasker2 1 tasker2
I could then run a multiphase job as:
nc run -multiphase 1 -mpres "linux64 
License:blue%linux64 License:red%linux64 License:blue" -- -e BASE -D /home/jjmcwill/testDir/testMultistage.sh 
A multiphase job will have two new Job Properties set:

MPRESOURCES: Contains the same resources passed in -mpres, and is used to reset the job resources for each phase.

MPCURRENTPHASE: Contains an integer indicating the current job phase. It starts at one, and has a max value of 9.

What the job script sees: The running job script will see an environment variable named VOV_JOB_PHASE which is set to the current phase. The script writer will need to use that to decide what work to do for that phase. If the script exits with an exit code of 216, Accelerator will increment the job phase, change the job resources, and reschedule the job to run again. If the script exits with an exit code of 0, the job is considered "Done", and MPCURRENTPHASE is reset to 1.

Failed jobs: If a job fails during a phase with a code other than 0 or 216, it is considered FAILED and MPCURRENTPHASE will not increment. If the job is invalided and re-run (e.g. nc rerun -f JOBID), the job will re-run starting at MPCURRENTPHASE and further phases will run if the job exits with code 216, as described above.

Logging: After the first phase is run, subsequent phases of the job will have the command rewritten so that the wrappers are passed "-a -A", telling the wrappers to append to the job log. This is so that all phases of the job get their stdout and stderr logged to the same file. If this was not done, each phase of the job would overwrite the log, and the user would only see the output from the last phase that was run. If Accelerator does not detect one of the standard vov wrappers at the beginning of the command line, it will assume the command is not using a wrapper. In this case, it will look for the standard ">;" redirect symbol in the command and replace it with ">>;".

REST Support: In the payload for submitting a job via rest, two new fields are allowed: multiphase and mpres. Setting multiphase = True enables multiphase job support. Setting the mpres field behaves the same as described for the command line argument described above. Re-running a multiphase job that has failed via the REST re-run API will behave similarly to rerunning a failed multiphase job from the command line as described above.

VOV-14420 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Updated tclrmq library to (1.4.5) currently (1.3.8) to support TLS connection for RabbitMQ.
VOV-14477 All, Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0257852 Taskers running as non-root will no longer get sent jobs unless the job's user matches the non-root tasker's userid. This is to address a situation where a job running on a non-root tasker gets access to the user's data on the filesystem. This policy can be disabled by setting the allowForeignJobsOnUserTaskers configuration parameter to 1.
VOV-14488 Accelerator Plus CS0260943 Added new configuration parameters for fine-grained control of vovwxd.
VOV-14490 All None The newly added VovScope feature has been added to the online help documentation.
VOV-14511 All AAP25265 Increased maximum number of normal clients per user limit to 250K from the existing 100K.
VOV-14536 Accelerator Plus None When using wx, the EXTLINKS property on the project will contain information about each base queue. Previously, the format of EXTLINKS was "queueName1 URL1 queueName2 URL2 ..."

This has been changed so that the queueName also contains a status of whether or not vovwxd sees the status of the basequeue as ONLINE or DOWN.

The new format of EXTLINKS is: "queueName1:status=STAT1 URL1 queueName2:status=STAT2 URL2 ..."

When visiting the web UI for the wx project, the link for a base queue that is down will be shown in red instead of the customary gray.

VOV-14561 Accelerator CS0267219 Reduced process tree log frequency from every ~30 secs to once in 10 minutes.
VOV-14571 Accelerator CS0266023 In order to provide more control over the creation of FairShare subgroups, a new acl type named CREATE was added as well as a new server config param called fairshare.strictNodeCreationChecks. The default for fairshare.strictNodeCreationChecks is 0, which means a user only needs the ATTACH acl to create sub-groups or to run a job on an existing group. If fairshare.strictNodeCreationChecks is set to 1, however, a user will need the CREATE acl in order to create sub-groups. They still need the ATTACH acl to run jobs under an existing group. If you set the debug flags FairShareGroups and acl, server.log will contain messaging about the acl checks being made to allow or deny creating a FairShare sub-group.
VOV-14587 Accelerator Plus None In WX DirectDrive setup, the onBucketProcess Tcl procedure is enhanced to support parameters for the agent job in the base queue. The BUCKETINFO array will be initialized with the following fields.


















The user can set values in vovaccel.tcl.

VOV-14589 All None For products other than Hero 2.0, parameters to the resource expression comma operator are required to be Monitor features. The resource expression processing no longer allows resource loops in resource maps.
VOV-14616 Accelerator None The output of nc hosts is changed slightly to make the information about running jobs per tasker clearer. The "JOBS" column has been replaced with 2 columns: "RUN/SWP" and "SLOTS".
VOV-14629 Hero None The command passed to hero_adapter is wrapped by vtool -f Emul:<emul-name> <leaf-count> so that the corresponding feature checkouts and checkins can be tracked using Monitor.
VOV-14704 Monitor None Improved the ability for vovresourced to auto-discover Monitor metadata, such as the SSL and web port settings.
VOV-14853 All None Implemented new events to Kafka on job status updates, property changes, and delete jobs. This functionality is controlled using config 'enable_jobdata' in sds.cfg and this is not supported for array jobs.
VOV-14871 Monitor None If there are alerts present on the system, the favicon of the tab will cycle between a red dot and the default icon. Additionally, presence of alerts are notifiesd to the user by a "triangle alert" icon that gets prepended to the label of the Home tab in the main navigation bar. The color of this matches the alert level, the icon demonstrates a pulsation effect.
VOV-14888 All None The Supported Platforms online help page has been updated to reflect the changes implemented for 2022.1.0.
VOV-14992 Accelerator None In the 2021.2.0 release and later, the processing of jobclass initialization has been taken over by the new autostart script start_init_jobclasses.tcl in SWD/autostart, and the new liveness script live_init_jobclasses.tcl in SWD/tasks.
VOV-15000 Accelerator None The -reconcilemem option of the nc run command was updated in the CLI help.
VOV-15002 Accelerator, FlowTracer None The parameter allowForeignJobsOnUserTaskers has been added to the online help.

Resolved Issues

Internal Number Products Case Number Description
VOV-8079 All 21734 Fixed issue with using Environment Modules from within a sh/bash shell. The "module unload" operation was failing.
VOV-8648 FlowTracer 22241 Added -running option to vovstop to provide the ability to stop running jobs without dequeueing queued jobs.
VOV-8752 Monitor 22547 Fixed use of LDAP Email addresses in Monitor reports when VOVLM(ldapEmail) is set to 1 in <SWD>/config/web.cfg.
VOV-8871 Monitor AAP22766 Fixed legend spillover on Monitor usage comparison plot with many items.
VOV-9166 All 23318 Fixed issue where an invalid slave resource expression would result in a permanent error message on the Slaves web page.
VOV-9638 All CS0288154 Added a -nolog option to the vovgetnetinfo utility that will prevent the creation of a log file in the SWD.
VOV-9776 Accelerator 24061 The form for submitting a slave reservation now checks that the data is valid before actually submitting the reservation.
VOV-9897 All AAP24162 Initialize VOV_JOB_DESC variable to avoid errors when listing job classes.
VOV-10568 All CS0120645 HyperThreading fieldname 'HT' on taskers previously reported incorrectly if HT was available. The field now properly reports if SMT threading (either Intel HyperThreading or AMD SMT) is currently available and enabled by checking value(s) of either the /sys/devices/system/cpu/smt/control, /sys/devices/system/cpu/smt/active pair or /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/topology/thread_siblings_list (or equivalent). directly. For /sys/devices/system/cpu/smt/control based files the values must now be both "on" and "1" or HT field will be reported as disabled. If you are having problems with tasker HT field values on a particular system please contact Altair support with details on your system information such as distribution name, release version, kernel version, method of HT/SMT configuration and expected values.
VOV-10904 Monitor None Fixed issue that prevented the Network > Processes > Details report from displaying the processes for the specified host(s) and/or user(s). Also fixed issue on this report that caused the UI to jump the batch reporting page if table sorting/filtering was used.
VOV-11292 Accelerator Plus AAP25068 When submitting Accelerator Plus jobs where you are specifying the name of the base queue, vovwxd would incorrectly schedule the correct number of base queue jobs based on minQueuedPerBucketPerNCQueue and maxQueuedPerBucketPerNC, often scheduling more than allowed. This has been addressed.
VOV-11971 Allocator None New Altair Allocator procedures LA::MarkVqAsOoq and LA:MarkResourceVqAsOoq have been added to the online help.
VOV-12137 Accelerator CS0120974 nc modify now accepts the syntax -G /group.user to change the FairShare group of a queued job, and will allow the user to be different than the job's original FairShare user so long as the client has the correct ATTACH ACL on the new fsgroup.
VOV-12253 Monitor CS0120851, CS0203350 Enhanced MathLM parser to handle space in feature name.
VOV-12510 Monitor CS0265568 Initialization of the crypto signing key for web auth tokens was moved earlier in the vovserver initialization to address possible issues with trying to log into web pages while vovserver was still starting.
VOV-12852 Monitor CS0132965 Fixed parser error "can't read "feature": no such variable" and incorrect capacity value due to usage info not available.
VOV-13088 Allocator, Monitor CS0155322 Added an alert on server buffer overflow for all the products. Alert message will contain the client name if defined else unnamed client with fd would come.
VOV-13094 Monitor CS0193004 Adjusted the Sentinel parser to handle features with unlimited capacity.
VOV-13142 Allocator CS0160431 If a daemon is already running, starting a daemon from web UI is a no-op (in previous releases daemon was stopped and started).
VOV-13150 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0160883 When visiting a URL in the web UI (such as for a newly created job), a user who has not been authenticated would sometimes not get properly redirected to their original URL after logging in. This has been fixed.
VOV-13165 Accelerator CS0127745, CS0172968 vovreconciled kept on repeatedly adding "NRU resources with same handles" back to the job. This has been fixed.
VOV-13219 Monitor CS0165626 Updated embedded LM widgets URL in lm_widgets.php.
VOV-13294 All CS0170164 Updated support email address.
VOV-13348 FlowTracer CS0172882 Fixed issue with vovconsole -fontsize option for not changing the node label font.
VOV-13389 All None Fixed an error when clicking the Cleanup All Cached Files Used for Tasker Load button on the web page for a tasker.
VOV-13418 Monitor CS0175623 Fixed custom time range issue in Monitor Batch Reporting which is resulting in zero size report.
VOV-13422 All CS0175205 The vovdaemonmgr command must be run on the vovserver host, and if not, will result in an error message.
VOV-13548 Accelerator CS0185445 Fixed issue that caused the equal sign to be lost when copying negated resource requests from a preempted job to its resumer job.
VOV-13579 Accelerator CS0187071, CS0213289 Fixed a web UI bug when viewing multiqueue preemption rules with watched resources.
VOV-13595 Allocator CS0188280 Suppressed the log "Changing site ID of host..." which can be controlled by using the flag MicroCode.
VOV-13669 Monitor CS0192634 Added support for renaming custom groups and custom group types that contain SQL-sensitive characters. Also added the ability to create and rename custom groups and custom group types via the ftlm_accounts CLI utility.
VOV-13671 Monitor CS0193959, CS0244917 The ftlm_deobfuscate utility now resets the obfuscation count in the database for specific files that have been requested to be processed.
VOV-13698 Accelerator Plus None Fixed tasker premature idleness exit.
VOV-13704 Monitor CS0190737, CS0237022 TLS 1.3 support is added in connections to the vovserver webport when the "internal" webprovider is active in this release, and TLS 1.2 is diabled by default. The enablement of TLS 1.2 and specific cipher suites is possible with the addition of new configuration parameters. 4 new configuration parameters have been added to allowing tuning of what SSL/TLS versions the internal webserver supports. You can view and modify these via vovservermgr config and make them permanent inside policy.tcl:

http.minSSLVersion - set the minimum TLS version supported. Defaults to "TLSv1.3". Valid values are TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, and TLSv1.3

http.maxSSLVersion - set the maximum TLS version supported. Defaults to "TLSv1.3". Valid values are TLSv1, TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, and TLSv1.3

http.tls12Ciphers - this is a list of ciphers that TLS 1.2 and earlier will be restricted to. The default is an empty string, but it can be set to a string such as "ECDH+AESGCM:ECDH+AES256:ECDH+AES128:DH+3DES:!ADH:!AECDH:!MD5"

For an explanation of the string format, see "Cipher List Format" at https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/man1/openssl-ciphers.html for details on what's acceptable.

http.tls13Ciphers - This is a list of cipher SUITES that is used by TLS 1.3 (and presumably above if newer TLS versions are introduced in the future) See the description of SSL_set_ciphersuites() at https://www.openssl.org/docs/manmaster/man3/SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list.html for an explanation.

By default the value is an empty string, which tells OpenSSL to use the default, which according to the documentation is TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256:TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256"

Changing any four of these values via vovservermgr config while the server is running will cause the internal webserver to stop and restart with the new configuration. We recommend using a tool such as sslscan that is part of RHEL 8 to verify your changes.

VOV-13708 Accelerator None The Queued jobs numbers format has been modified to integer format.
VOV-13709 Accelerator None A fix has been added to address the browser refresh issue of the Set Details page.
VOV-13728 Accelerator None In the web UI, the following changes have been made:
  1. The filter is most useful to sort out the jobs/Files. So, it has been moved to down to just above the Jobs/Files table and cause it to search only within the Jobs/Files list.
  2. The "Jobs" list has been renamed to "Jobs and Files" because sets contain jobs and files.
  3. Added the count of items (both the Jobs and Files) in the "Jobs and Files" list. eg: "Jobs and Files ( 237 )".
  4. For files in the Jobs and Files table, omit the Status column has been omitted (leave it blank) and fix has been added to the "Type" column to say "File" instead of the incorrect "Job."
VOV-13729 Accelerator None The Sets names listed in the Recently Visited and Favorites lists in the Set Browser at the left side were made into hot links so that it would be easy to see the corresponding Set Detail page. Added fix to the Jobs Running and Jobs Queued numbers, for the Sets names listed in the Recently Visited and Favorites lists in the Set browser at the left side.
VOV-13733 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0196065 Fixed Running jobs CGI error when taskers are missing.
VOV-13734 Accelerator CS0189976 Fixed issue that prevented the VncPolicyValidateEnvironment procedure's results from being applied to the job environment when using the the -f option to process a command file.
VOV-13738 Accelerator Plus None Fixed a bug that caused a vovwxd error, when adding non existing base queues.
VOV-13783 Accelerator, Monitor None When selecting ports for the web port, vov port, and read-only port, vovserver now does additional checking to ensure the same port number isn't inadvertently used for multiple services. Also, vov client connections now have a default send and receive timeout of 30s, but this can be controlled by the environment variables VOV_SEND_TIMEOUT and VOV_RECV_TIMEOUT. These environment variables were supported on Windows in an earlier release but are also honored on Linux. This should prevent commands like vovwait4server from hanging indefinitely if it accidentally tries to connecting to an listening port that is NOT the vov port.
VOV-13790 Accelerator CS0203368 PTY_ERROR property is set to YES for interactive job when its terminal of has been killed.
VOV-13798 Accelerator CS0204909 Fixed the error "USER ERROR: Failed subcommand info: can't read "compatInfo(685614164,info)": no such element in array" for 'nc info -c <jobid associated with taskerlist>' .
VOV-13843 Monitor CS0208377 Added a new option (-removelockfile) to lmmgr start. This instructs the script to remove the server lock file if it already exists.
VOV-13846 Accelerator CS0202837 Added new -confirmafter option to the vovtaskermgr start operation that waits for a specified amount of time, then confirms whether each tasker that was requested to start did, in fact, start.
VOV-13848 Accelerator Plus None The bottom line of the Project Home > Taskers table was updated to indicate the actual number of taskers displayed and the total in the current selection.
VOV-13855 Accelerator None The http.workerthreads parameter has been marked as Obsolete in the online documentation.
VOV-13868 Accelerator CS0209055 Fixed usage of VOV_MAX_WAIT_TO_RECONNECT and VOV_MAX_WAIT_AFTER_CRASH environment variables so that one does not override/affect the other.
VOV-13869 All None vovtaskermgr/vovslavemgr configure now supports -maxwaittoreconnect.
VOV-13874 Accelerator None The cycle length bullet has been modified from showing 'scheduler time' value to the inverse of 'cycle frequency' value.
VOV-13877 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None nc hosts -ALL no longer shows duplicate consumables and extras. We added -rl option to show the legacy resource output. Note that -rl only shows the partial list of resources. nc hosts -r now shows a complete list of resources, including their status.
VOV-13910 Accelerator Plus CS0213212, CS0303516 If a job is dispatched to a tasker that is in the process of exiting, the job will be refused by the tasker and automatically rescheduled for execution up to the maximum number of times allowed by the autoRescheduleCount server configuration parameter.
VOV-13914 Accelerator Plus None Added documentation of the startWXLauncher configuration parameter to all vovwxd configuration file examples.
VOV-13925 Allocator None Corrected the resource map UI title to have only the resource name without extra parameters (like quantity).
VOV-13930 Allocator None Fixed error "no such element in array" on Allocator Resource Overview page.
VOV-13945 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0212259, CS0222585 Interactive jobs using the vwi script no longer change the SHELL environment variable.
VOV-13954 Accelerator None The footer of nc -h previously contained unsubstituted Tcl expressions. This has been fixed.
VOV-13961 Accelerator CS0204211 nc run -e "<option>" now supports arbitrary length option, constrained only by the value of the maxEnvLength policy variable.
VOV-14005 Monitor CS0219301 Fixed Expire column content for feature with version pools. Will show:
  • "never" when times are:
    • specially formatted patterns
    • over 12/31/2099 in the future
    • causing errors when processing
  • "expired" - all times are in the past
  • <Actual Date> - earliest expiration time in the future

Will NOT show: "some expired" - deprecated

VOV-14007 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0213217 The SNAPPROP environment now prepends relevant VOVDIR paths to PATH in a manner similar to the SNAPSHOT environment.
VOV-14011 FlowTracer None Indirect tasker improvements:
  1. When using the tasker configuration path (vtk_tasker_define), ensure that the correct tasker-based procedures are defined and called.
  2. Define NC_QUEUE in the indirect tasker's execution environment using the queue name that is specified in the vtk_tasker_nc call, which removes the requirement to create a taskerVNC.tcl in $VOVDIR/local that defines it.
  3. Fix major efficiency issue that prevented the indirect tasker from notifying the server that it is ready to accept another job once one has finished.
  4. Improve messaging to display the queue name that is being interfaced with for debuggability purposes.
VOV-14012 Accelerator Plus CS0221575 Accelerator Plus in direct drive mode will now detect wait reason changes from the base queues for buckets without incoming jobs.
VOV-14052 All None The URL shown in the lmmgr, ncmgr, and vsi outputs now reflect the value of VOV_HOST_HTTP_NAME, if set.
VOV-14073 Accelerator None Fixed issues with bjobs -o option that prevented the specified output format from being generated.
VOV-14077 Accelerator None The "Use Altair Accelerator's REST API to Submit and List Jobs" tutorial has been updated and improved.
VOV-14091 Accelerator CS0227548, CS0296810 Queued Job is properly dispatched when one of the running jobs was suspended with -manualresume flag
VOV-14095 Hero None New implementation of Hero leveraging the Accelerator job submission engine. Native support for calendar based reservations and a connector for metrics reporting via Monitor.
VOV-14112 Accelerator CS0229221 Fixed logic to properly preempt Jobs with no requested License resouces.
VOV-14128 All None Some minor typos were fixed in product help.
VOV-14153 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None Fixed issue that prevented vovtaskermgr stop -sick from stopping sick taskers that still have a client attached to the server.
VOV-14156 All CS0233956 The vovcleanup utility now removes empty directories which are not expected to be persistent. This includes job profile and wave directories under SWD/data. Additionally, a new configuration item has been added to independently control the cleanup of resource-based wave data files: set config(cleanup,waves,resources) 90d
VOV-14158 Accelerator None Fix truncated output from vovversion -clients.
VOV-14182 Monitor None LM checkout usage, denial statistics, usage comparison, and usage trends along with ftlm_batch_report with same options can be done now "by user/host" in addition to other available options.
VOV-14217 Accelerator Plus CS0237217 An issue that prevented dp jobs from successfully being run via Accelerator Plus has been resolved.
VOV-14228 Accelerator None The documentation for logging interactive jobs has been improved to clarify which options are best suited for specific scenarios.
VOV-14290 All None The output format of of the nc hosts command has changed. Instead of showing suspended jobs as part of the count of running jobs, we now show suspended jobs as a separate category. For example, if a host has 8 running jobs and 1 suspended job with 8 total slots, the "JOBS" section of the output for that host would previously read "9/8". It will now read "1/8/8", formatted as <suspended count>/<running count>/<total slots>. This change also pertains to relevant sections of the HTML UI.
VOV-14307 Accelerator CS0245432 Fixed bug where various web pages were sending lists of items with wrong delineator and also added delayed auto refresh to certain job and project based pages when starting/stopping/removing listed items.
VOV-14359 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus, FlowTracer CS0160432 Fixed issue that could cause jobs that are dispatched to an indirect tasker to be spawned with /tmp as their working directory following a restart of the base queue to which the indirect tasker is connected. Note that this fix applies to indirect taskers defined by vtk_tasker_nc only, with taskers defined by the legacy vtk_slave_nc call remaining the same.
VOV-14362 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus, Monitor CS0248090 Fixes a bug where versions of LM prior to 2021.1.0 could not communicate properly with 2021.1.0 and later versions of NC, and versions of NC prior to 2021.1.0 could not communicate properly with 2021.1.0 and later versions of LM.
VOV-14369 Monitor None Fixed issue that caused ftlm_batch_report to hang when generating reports with static images or when extracting static images from a previously generated report that contains dynamic images.
VOV-14372 Accelerator None Fixed issue on Windows that prevented the specified job environment from being applied for execution.
VOV-14430 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0254035 VOV_JOB_DESC(jobclass) global variable is set for every job class when sourcing its TCL config file.
VOV-14435 FlowTracer None Fixed skip jobs timestamp issue due to which its valid outputs turned invalid.
VOV-14454 Accelerator None Fixed an issue where an SSL cert that contains a CA chain was not handled properly by the internal webserver, causing some SSL clients and libraries (curl, Python) to issue an error about the validity of the SSL certificate being offered by the webserver.
VOV-14455 FlowTracer CS0257984 Fixed local resource accounting error when using array submission with FlowTracer and vovwxd with an LSF base queue that resulted in lingering tasker definitions that consumed local limits.
VOV-14459 All None Fixed issue where specifying an instance name was not being handled correctly by the vovreadlic utility, resulting in the instance not being found in the VOV registry. Also added support for ALM licensing.
VOV-14463 Accelerator Plus CS0259047 Fixed error when tasker cannot reconnect to Accelerator Plus after server was frozen and restarted on different port
VOV-14468 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus None A defect was fixed where stopping and starting a daemon through the web UI could cause the web page to show an error rather than correctly reload the daemons status page. This only occurs when webserver is set to internal. The error was cosmetic in that the user could reload the daemons page or any other page, and vovserver also continued to operate normally.
VOV-14470; VOV-14581; VOV-14639 Accelerator None Fixed a crash in the internal webserver when certain URI requests were received.
VOV-14487 FlowTracer None Fix a problem with FlowTraccer when used with the vovwxd daemon. In certain cases, an insufficient number of demand jobs were launched to the base queue for a bucket.
VOV-14492 Allocator CS0284342 Fixed issue causing double counting of NRU matched tokens, which is resulting in underutilization of licenses.
VOV-14494 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus, Allocator, Monitor CS0259047 Set VOV_SO_REUSEADDR environment variable to set VOV server port option to be reused when VOV server is restarted.
VOV-14495 Accelerator None Restored an alert that is generated by vovresourced when there is no match to a license feature in LM that has been requested specifically by vtk_flexlm_monitor.
VOV-14497 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0262302 Fixed issue which is causing array SNAPPROP property error 'SNAPPROP environment: continue sentinel missing'.
VOV-14498 Accelerator CS0261544 Handled temporary directory write permission error by creating a temporary script in the current directory when /tmp, /var/tmp, /usr/tmp don't have write permission.
VOV-14503 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0261567 Enhanced job modification through the web UI or NC GUI to append the NC_MODIFY_LOG property and log the modification details.
VOV-14535 Accelerator Plus None Fixed a bug in vovwxd that was causing it not to process new buckets in case when a base queue was inaccessible.
VOV-14563 All CS0278895 Fixes an issue where large queries made using vovselect, vtk_select_loop or related commands may attempt to refresh their data infinitely, causing a slowdown in the responsiveness of the server.
VOV-14564 All CS0276473 Removed an unwanted message from the server log that is printed when a license key file is processed.
VOV-14566 Monitor None Fixed an issue with the fatal error handler in ftlm_parse_flexlm that caused the parser to exit uncleanly instead of printing the error and generating an alert.
VOV-14572 Accelerator CS0265596 A bug was fixed that was responsible for errors being generated when running vovnotifyd.
VOV-14599 Accelerator None A bug was fixed that prevented job classes from being created via the web interface.
VOV-14611 Accelerator   In prior releases users were able to specify the "-r slots/N" resource spec on nc run with values of N that were not equal to 1. This behavior was not recommended in the past, and is no longer supported in this release. The SLOTS resource spec in -r will be ignored (set to SLOTS/1) going forward. If a job will use more than one processor, use the CPUS or CORES resource instead of SLOTS.
VOV-14614 FlowTracer CS0277985 Added null pointer safety within the "vrt" job wrapper's instrumentation library.
VOV-14640 FlowTracer CS0294142, CS0323287 Fixed a bug in vovwxd that was causing improper deletion of sick tasker objects
VOV-14683 All None Fixed issues with the vsi, vovbrowser, and nc run commands that prevented them from showing the correct URL to the web UI under certain configurations.
VOV-14693 All None Some web security vulnerabilities were fixed.
VOV-14712 All None The nginx webserver, which is used when the "webserver=nginx" configuration parameter is set, has been updated to the latest version 1.21.0.
VOV-14722 Accelerator 123 An issue with partialTool for DP jobs was identified, where it could incorrectly bind to just the IPV4 or the IPV6 port. It has been fixed to bind to both IPV4 and IPV6 ports simultaneously if the kernel has them enabled.
VOV-14724 FlowTracer CS0301482 Update handling of state reported by bjobs to include PSUSP, SSUSP, USUSP & UNKWN.
VOV-14725 Hero None Hero 2.0 configuration updated to deal with Palladium Z2.
VOV-14735 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0220480 Changed the output of the nc hosts command to improve clarity. Fixed a bug where a tasker with more than (max capacity - capacity) suspended jobs would cause the server to erroneously mark queued jobs as running.
VOV-14737 Accelerator None Corrected some documentation about a distributed parallel job query command example.
VOV-14745 Monitor None Fixed issue that caused permanent server licenses to be reported as expired.
VOV-14790 All None The openssl library used by various parts of Accelerator was upgraded to the latest version to incorporate the latest security patches.
VOV-14822 Accelerator, Accelerator Plus CS0309335, CS0314259 Fixed issue causing nc wait -dir to wait for jobs in other directories.
VOV-14824 All None Fix a DOS vulnerability in vovserver's base webserver from nefarious large HTTP requests.
VOV-14830 FlowTracer CS0310567 Removed the environment variable listing at the beginning of the tasker log file for WX taskers.
VOV-14840 Accelerator None The "group" array field for VOV_JOB_DESC erroneously listed both "-g" and "-G" as options. Only "-g" is appropriate. The "-G" option has been updated to reflect the appropriate field, "group,final."
VOV-14870 Monitor CS0312659 If the output of batch reporting is set to multiple files, the tag filter should be taken under consideration.
VOV-14906 All None Fixed Altair License Manager license checkout failure due to version mismatch.
VOV-14907 Accelerator Plus, Hero None A crash was fixed where vovserver may refer to a bucket ID that's not a valid bucket.
VOV-14911 Accelerator CS0304721 Changed the use of the disable file access parameter in Tcl to be in line with the cpp implementation. When file access is set to 1, no one has access to the contents of a file, including the owner of the queue. If the file access is set to 2, then only the owner of the queue has access to contents of files.
VOV-14960 Accelerator None The environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH is no longer set by the BASE environment.
VOV-14997 Monitor None Add a rule in LM CSS that hides any img child element. If the LM CSS is not loaded, that's the case for all other products the wrapping element has no effect as a result the img .gif will get displayed. Basically fallback to old icons if bootstrap is not loaded.