Add Resources

Generic resources are added to Altair Accelerator via the vtk_resourcemap_set procedure call:
vtk_resourcemap_set <name> <quantity> [map]
Below are two examples:
vtk_resourcemap_set myres 2
vtk_resourcemap_set myunlimitedres UNLIMITED

Example: Node Locked License

In the scenario of this example, a license does not utilize FlexNet Publisher or another dynamic license management solution, but does require a tool to run only on one specific host. In this example, the tool is spice, the host is pluto, and the license is for two concurrent instances of spice. Following are the steps to correctly handle this constraint:
  1. Choose a name (in the form name or type:name) to represent the node locked resource (such as License:spice_pluto) and a name to be announced to the users (such as License:spice). In this way, it is hidden to the users that the spice license is locked to a given node. Also, if there is an upgrade to a floating license or multiple node-locked licenses, that can be carried out without having to announce it to the users.
  2. Add the following lines to the resources.tcl file:
    vtk_resourcemap_set License:spice UNLIMITED License:spice_pluto
    vtk_resourcemap_set License:spice_pluto 2 pluto
    % nc cmd vovproject reread
  3. Let the job declare that it requires the resource License:spice; use option -r in nc run as shown below:
    % nc run -r License:spice -- spice -i chip.spi