The taskers.tcl File

The taskers.tcl file describes the taskers for a project.

The taskers.tcl file is a Tcl script based on the procedure vtk_tasker_define. The synopsis for this procedure:
vtk_tasker_define hostname [options]
The two following examples both declare three taskers on the hosts apple orange and pear:
# Fragment of taskers.tcl file
vtk_tasker_define apple
vtk_tasker_define orange 
vtk_tasker_define pear
# Fragment of taskers.tcl file
foreach host {apple orange pear} {
    vtk_tasker_define $host
The following procedure supports many options to define the characteristics of the tasker. The options include "-resources <string>" to set the resource list offered by a tasker and -CPUS n to define the number of CPUs in a machine. In the following example, the tasker on apple is set up to offer the resource "big_memory":
# Fragment of tasker file
vtk_tasker_define apple  -resources "@STD@ big_memory" -CPUS 2
vtk_tasker_define orange -resources "@STD@ big_memory" -CPUS 2
vtk_tasker_define pear   -resources "@STD@ big_memory" -CPUS 4
The default value for all options can be changed with the following procedure vtk_tasker_set_defaults, as shown below:
# Fragment of taskers.tcl file
vtk_tasker_set_default -resources "@STD@ big_memory" -CPUS 2
vtk_tasker_define apple  
vtk_tasker_define orange 
vtk_tasker_define    -CPUS 4