Server Configuration

Note: In usage, all commands and parameters are case insensitive.

A complete list of the current server configuration parameters is provided in the page /vov/srvconfig.cgi. A static list is shown in the following section, Configuration Variables.

An administrator can configuration the parameters, which can be done at the command line.
% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config PARAMETER_NAMEPARAMETER_VALUE'
Example of a configuration:
% nc cmd vovsh -x 'vtk_server_config timeTolerance 4'
Server configuration can be controlled by setting variables in the policy.tcl file. The variable can be set directly in the "config()" associative array, but it is best to set them with the procedure VovServerConfig as in:

In either case, the name of the parameter VARNAME is case insensitive.

Example of a policy.tcl file

The following is part of the policy.tcl file. Below is an example of parameters set with the procedure VovServerConfig:
VovServerConfig readonlyPort  7111 
VovServerConfig httpSecure       1
Example of parameters set by assignment to array config().
set config(timeTolerance)        0

set config(maxBufferSize)       16000000
set config(maxNotifyBufferSize)  400000
set config(maxNotifyClients)     40;
set config(maxNormalClients)     400;

set config(maxAgeRecentJobs)     60;
set config(saveToDiskPeriod)     2h;
set config(autoShutdown)         2w;      # Shut down after 2 weeks of inactivity.
set config(autoLogout)           1h;      # Logout from browser interface.
set config(netInfo)              0;       # Do not collect net information (fs, hosts)

# Used by Accelerator for autoforget.
set config(autoForgetValid)      1h
set config(autoForgetFailed)     2d
set config(autoForgetOthers)     2d

set config(autoRescheduleThreshold) 2s

set config(preemptionPeriod) 3s