Tasker Status

The following table applies to "direct" taskers and to "BPS agents".
Status Color Description
Idle green The tasker is ready to run jobs.
Working dark yellow The tasker is running some jobs and it has some additional capacity.
Full light yellow The tasker is running as many jobs as it is capable.
Overloaded red The load on the host where the tasker is running is higher than the maximum load allowed by the tasker.
Busy light gray The tasker is doing some bookkeeping operation.
Suspended purple The tasker has been suspended and it is not accepting any new jobs.
Paused pale purple The tasker has been paused by a signal from an external process. It can be awakened by sending a SIGCONT signal.
Sick black The tasker has not sent the heartbeat for more than twice its update interval (update interval is 1 minute by default).
Requested (previously called Down) dark gray The tasker is persistent (not transient) and the associated client is currently not connected.
Done blue The tasker is about to exit and no longer accepting jobs.
NoLic gray The tasker is waiting for a license.

Status of BPS Taskers

A BPS tasker is a tasker that represent a computing host that belongs to another Batch Processing System (e.g. SGE or Accelerator).

Status Color Description
Ok green Not in an error condition.
Warning red Used for BPS taskers. The BPS system reports some problems with this tasker.
Unknown gray The BPS system has not reported enough information about this host.