VovScope is a vovserver performance logging mode. When enabled, logging is activated for certain classes of vovserver activity including system calls and network communication to clients.

Start and stop VovScope logging as follows:
vovservermgr configure set_debug_flag VovScope

vovservermgr configure reset_debug_flag VovScope
  • VovScope logs vovserver interactions with clients and activities in the main dispatch loop.
  • VovScope logs information about all clients (based on an open file descriptor), including vovresourced, vovdbd and user user CLI commands. The vovshow -clients can be used to find a complete list of VOV clients.
  • VovScope logs the following activity:
    1. messages exchanged with clients – reads and writes
    2. dispatch loop request handling—marked by “FD”
    3. dispatch events – for example “GetProperty” and “StartUpNew”
  • Segments of messages sent to or from vovserver are shown in the VovScope log. ASCII data and binary data are dumped in the log entries.

The profiling records are written in the logs folder under the server working directory. The profiling log files have filenames that start with prefix vovscope*.