VTK API Available in vovtasker

The binary vovtasker has access to only a limited VTK API. This is because the protocol between vovtasker and vovserver has special requirements. This limited API is used, for example, in the taskerLSF.tcl file, in taskerRes.tcl, and in general in all Tcl scripts read by vovtasker.

vtk_tasker_change_field FIELD VALUE The field is one of taskergroup capacity model release
vtk_tasker_suspend MESSAGE Suspend the tasker, set the message.
vtk_tasker_resume TIMELEFT MSG TIMELEFT is a timespec.
vtk_tasker_set_timeleft TIMESPEC TIMESPEC is a timespec or the work "unlimited" (case-insensitive)
vtk_tasker_set_prop OBJID PROPNAME PROPVALUE Set a property on an object. The property is always of string type. There is no feedback on whether the action was successful.
vtk_tasker_job_control ACTION JOBID ACTION is one of STOP, SUSPEND, RESUME, while JOBID can be the jobId of a running job or 0 to mean "all jobs".
vtk_tasker_job_started JOBID STARTTIME Used by indirect taskers. Report to vovserver that a job has started. This is useful but not required. It allows the vovserver to know more quickly about the job start.
vtk_tasker_job_recover JOBID  
vtk_tasker_job_stats JOBID STAT1 VALUE1 ...  
vtk_idle_time_get This uses vovxidle to capture the information on the idle time of display :0.0.
vtk_fs_stat PATH INFO Get information about the file system that contains PATH. The info that is returned is specified by INFO which could be one of bsize, blocks, bfree bavail, files, or fsid.