Creating a Planar Multilayer Substrate

Create a ground plane

properties = application.Project.Contents.SolutionSettings.GroundPlane:GetProperties()
properties.DefinitionMethod = cf.Enums.GroundPlaneDefinitionMethodEnum.MultilayerSubstrate
properties.Layers[1].GroundBottom = cf.Enums.GroundBottomTypeEnum.None
properties.Layers[1].Thickness = "0.351"
substrate2 = application.Project.Definitions.Media.Dielectric:Item("substrate2")
properties.Layers[1].Medium = substrate2
properties.Layers[2] = {}
properties.Layers[2].GroundBottom = cf.Enums.GroundBottomTypeEnum.PEC
properties.Layers[2].Thickness = "0.2"
substrate1 = application.Project.Definitions.Media.Dielectric:Item("substrate1")
properties.Layers[2].Medium = substrate1
properties.ZValue = "0.0"

Figure 1. Define a planar multilayer substrate with tow layers. Layer 1 is 0.351
  1. Since the GroundPlane object defines an infinite plane or ground, search for GroundPlane (object) in the Help1.
    1. In the Help, under Launcher > Usage locations, note the following:
      SolutionSettings object has property GroundPlane.
  2. In the Help, click on the link in GroundPlane > Property List > DefinitionMethod > (Read/Write GroundPlaneDefinitionMethodEnum) to specify the ground plane type.
  3. GroundPlaneDefinitionMethodEnum:
    1. In the Help, under GroundPlaneDefinitionMethodEnum, note the option:
      The result is then:
      cf.Enums.GroundPlaneDefinitionMethodEnum = MultilayerSubstrate
1 The API is available in the Feko Scripting and API Reference Guide (PDF) or Feko WebHelp.