Parasolid Models

Parasolid models are inherently limited to a 1000x1000x1000 unit box centred at the origin. CADFEKO introduces a scaling factor to make this more flexible. The Scale factor is the factor by which the CADFEKO model must be scaled during export to convert it to correct units required in the Parasolid model. A scale factor of 0.1 implies that the dimensions of the saved Parasolid model are one-tenth of the native dimensions as set in CADFEKO.

Typically, programs that import Parasolid models allow specifying a factor by which the Parasolid model must be scaled during the import. To maintain the correct units and scale, this factor should then be the inverse of the scale factor used in the export of the model from CADFEKO.

For large models (larger than 500 of the current CADFEKO units), the extents must be increased.

For smaller models (less than 50 CADFEKO units), the extents should be decreased.

In general, changing the model extents is not recommended (unless the model is very small and precision or geometric accuracy problems are encountered). Using the default extents results in an unscaled Parasolid model, and it is not necessary to keep track of the scale factor during model import / export.