The HRRP is the coherent summations (amplitude) of the complex time returns from the target scatters in each range cell, along the radar line of sight. Converting the frequency response (RCS simulation in Feko) to the range domain, useful information about the object can be extracted over the frequency band of interest, for example, its extension, dominant scattering points and scattering mechanism involved in the RCS contribution.

The application macro computes and displays the high-resolution range profile signature of an object. Various windowing functions (rectangular (Dirichlet), Gaussian, Hamming) are supported (the equations are available in helperFunctions.lua). The POSTFEKO application macro requires a far field RCS request and plane wave source.

The application macro comes in two parts:
  1. CF_generate_high_resolution_range_profile.lua: The CADFEKO application macro that sets up the frequency, range and angular information required to create an HRRP.
  2. PF_process_high_resolution_range_profile.lua: The POSTFEKO application macro to calculate and display the HRRP results.