Searching for Intersecting Mesh Elements

Imported meshes often contain intersecting mesh elements. These intersecting mesh elements need to be either repaired or removed to obtain accurate results.

Intersecting mesh elements can overlap (entirely or partially) or intersect other mesh elements, while not electrically connected at the point of intersection.
  1. Select the model or geometry part either in the model tree or 3D view.
  2. On the Mesh tab, in the Find group, click the  Intersecting Triangles icon.

    Figure 1. The Find Intersecting Mesh Elements dialog.
  3. Specify the parts to be searched for intersecting mesh elements.
    • To search the full model, under Search, click Entire model.
    • To search only the selected part of the model, under Search, click Selection.
  4. Click OK to search for intersecting mesh elements and to close the dialog.
The result of the search is displayed in the Model Status and on the Message Details dialog. Any parts containing intersecting mesh elements are selected in the model tree and in the 3D view. A hyperlink to the part containing the intersecting mesh elements is also given in the Model Status and on the Message Details dialog.