Adding a FEM Modal Source

Apply a FEM modal source to a finite element method (FEM) modal port.

Note: A FEM modal source excites the associated long-guided wave structure of the FEM modal port with the fundamental mode.
Important: When no source is defined, the modal port acts as a passive port (sink) for fields incident on the port.
  1. On the Source/Load tab, in the Sources on Ports group, click the  FEM Modal Source icon.

    Figure 1. The Create FEM Modal Source dialog.
  2. In the Port field, from the drop-down list, select any FEM modal port.
  3. In the Magnitude field, specify the magnitude of the fundamental mode.
  4. In the Phase field, specify the phase of the fundamental mode.
  5. In the Label field, add a unique label for the FEM modal source.
  6. Click the Create button to create the FEM modal source and to close the dialog.