Translate and Rotate Entities

Use the Move tool to translate and rotate selected entities.

  1. From the Home tools, click the Move tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select entities to move.
    The Move tool is placed the center of selected entities.
  3. Click a graphical manipulator then do one of the following:
    • Drag the graphical manipulator to translate or rotate entities in the selected direction(s).
    • Enter a precise value in the microdialog and press Enter.
    To Do This
    Translate along an axis Click the X, Y, or Z arrow.
    Figure 2.
    Translate along a plane Click the XY, XZ, or YX plane square.
    Figure 3.
    Translate freely in 3D space Click the origin of the Move tool.
    Figure 4.
    Tip: Use the icons in the microdialog to align the tool to a part or the global axes.
    Rotate around an axis Click a curved arrow.
    Figure 5.
    Rotate freely Click at the tip of the X, Y, or Z arrow and drag.
    Figure 6.