Evaluation Scatter Tab Settings

Settings to configure the plots displayed in the Evaluation Scatter tab.

In the Evaluation Scatter tab, there are two methods for selecting data to display in the scatter plot: Channel and Bubble.

Access settings from the menu that displays when you click (located in the top, right corner of the work area).

Channel Settings

Display the X bounds in the plot.
Display the Y bounds in the plot.
Show Best Points
Accentuate the best optimum run (single objective) or runs (multi-objective). Dial tolerance value to add alternative optimum runs.

Bubble Settings

Adjust the overall size of all bubbles.
Adjust the size of bubbles so that smaller bubbles become smaller, while larger bubbles remain fixed, enabling the view to be directed at larger bubbles.
Reverse the size of bubbles so that smaller values are represented by larger bubbles.
Discrete Steps
Change the level of color shading applied to bubbles.
Specify the number of red, blue, and gray shades used to color bubbles.
Reverse the color of bubbles so that red represents smaller values and blue represents larger values.
Color Wheel
Display bubbles in rainbow color scheme.