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Learn the basics and discover the workspace.
Discover HyperWorks Desktop functionality with interactive tutorials.
Start HyperWorks Desktop and configure the applications.
Create, open, import, and save models.
Control the view and display of your model in the modeling window.
Use the Session Browser to view the current session and all the pages and windows it contains in a hierarchical display.
Publish your HyperWorks Desktop session to HTML, PowerPoint, or Report files.
Use the Parameters Browser to parameterize the contents of a session file or report template and automate a variety of analysis processes.
Automate common workflows using the Process Manager or Automate tool.
Explore, organize and manage your personal data, collaborate in teams, and connect to other data sources, such as corporate PLM systems to access CAD data or publish simulation data.
Overview of external readers and the Altair Binary Format, the generic ASCII reader, running HyperWorks in batch mode, using Tcl/Tk commands, translators, and result math.