Create an Advanced Query

  1. Click Query Editor in the Query toolbar.
    You will be prompted to the Query Editor. The advanced Query Editor allows you to build complex queries using the available contents, metadata and conditions.
    Note: The Content Types, Categories, and Folders in the Query Editor are specific to the library in which you are querying.
  2. Select the content type or types you want to query by clicking the folder next to Content Types and selecting the desired types.
    Leave all selections blank to search across all content types.
  3. Click the folder next to Folders or Categories to search only in certain folders or categories.
  4. Enter search criteria to query for the folder or folders you want to query in.
  5. Click Apply Query.
    A list of folders matching your search displays. Select the folder or folders to query in.
    Note: You can build up a list of folders, or categories, by performing more than one search and selecting desired folders each time.
  6. Click Add to add a condition to the query.
  7. Click the combo-box in the Metadata column.
    Metadata names for all selected Content Types display.
  8. Select the metadata name to query on.
  9. Click the combo-box in the Operator column to select the desired operator for the condition.
  10. Click in the Value column to enter the value to query for.
    Use the Add button to add additional conditions. Use the Delete button to remove conditions and the Arrow buttons to move selected conditions up or down in the list. Check the ‘&’ field to link that row’s condition to the next condition by the AND operator. If unchecked, they are joined by the OR operator. Use the parentheses columns as necessary to group conditions to form complex queries.