Modify Checked-Out Content

The checked out state of a content is shown relative to the active workspace. Contents that are checked out can be modified.

Their editable metadata can be updated, and their documents can be modified. In addition, their association to categories and references can be updated or modified. Metadata can be directly modified in the Properties panel or in the Advanced Edit dialog.

  1. To modify a content, check-out the content by selecting the Check-Out option from the context menu.
  2. To check-in checked out and modified content, select Check-In from the context menu.
    This opens a confirmation dialog allowing you to add comments to explain modifications. When the content is checked in, a new version of the content is created. Depending upon the preference settings, the content’s version number is incremented.
    Note: System preferences control the default value for Increase version as well as whether or not that option is displayed on the Check-In Dialog.
  3. To abort Check-Out, reload its last saved status and make it read only, and select Undo Check-Out from the Object Browser context menu.