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HyperForm is a finite-element based, sheet metal forming simulation solution. HyperForm combines an extremely fast one-step solver and incremental forming solution with the geometry and meshing capabilities of HyperMesh.

HyperForm's die module  brings product designers closer to the manufacturing process by enabling engineers to create and analyze conceptual die designs in order to generate an optimized die. Die concepts can then be read into any CAD system as a starting block for the actual die build. Integrated with HyperView, HyperForm can export data in H3D format allowing results to be visualized using HyperView Player with any web browser. HyperForm One-Step and incremental analyses are tightly integrated with HyperMorph and HyperStudy, which allows the optimization of forming tools and process parameters using a highly automated approach.



Introduces forming feasibility criteria early in the product development cycle where the most significant improvements are possible.
Accurately predicts blank size for improved material utilization.
Let's you modify and verify multiple process scenarios.
Visually displays wrinkles and splits and let's you modify designs prior to the steel cutting process.
Provides powerful geometric tools for designing parametric addendum.
Automates stamping optimization processes.
Drastically reduces the product development cycle.

As HyperForm utilizes much of the interface and functionality of HyperMesh, consult the HyperMesh User’s Guide for more information on HyperMesh-specific features.  This guide describes the unique features of HyperForm.


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