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HyperXtrude is an analysis tool for virtual testing, validation, correction and optimization of extrusion die designs.


Key Features


Extrusion-specific graphical user interface guides you through model setup for analysis.
Enables analysis of the extrusion of metals, polymers, pastes and ceramics.
Enables analysis of material flow and heat transfer inside of a die during extrusion.
Computes die deflection and resulting stresses in the tool.
Corrects bearing design to balance material flow.
Auto-generates a RADIOSS data deck for accurate tool stress analysis and fatigue calculations.
Models co-extrusion of two or more materials.
Integrated with HyperStudy for optimization of die bearing, porthole and pocket shapes.




Minimize die design time and cost: Virtual simulation provides insight and direction on physical models before die cutting and press setup.
Design robust die assemblies: Accurately predicts tool deflection and stresses due to extrusion loads for optimizing die designs.
Visualize material flow: Helps you understand the extrusion material flow, temperatures, pressures and forces.
Minimize weld scrap: Calculates transverse weld length to minimize weld scrap.
Reduce cost: Virtual validation reduces requirement for physical die trials.