Block Format Keyword Enable explosive material ignition from a detonation line [A,B].

Figure 1.


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TDET mat_ID              


Field Contents SI Unit Example
detline_ID Detonation line identifier.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

unit_ID Unit Identifier

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

node_ID1 Node ID defining Point A Coordinates.  
node_ID2 Node ID defining Point B Coordinates.  
TDET Detonation time.

Default = 0.0 (Real)

mat_ID Explosive material number concerned by detonation time.
= 0
All /MAT/LAW5 (JWL) material law are affected by the detonation time.




  1. It is possible to define multiple detonation lines.
  2. If a detonation time is not defined, /MAT/LAW5 (JWL) material law will instantaneously detonate.
  3. Detonation times are available in the Starter output file (IPRI ≥ 3).
  4. Burn fractions are available in time history file with /TH/BRIC card and BFRAC keyword.
  5. Detonation velocity is taken from /MAT/LAW5 (JWL) material law.
  6. If A=B, then detonation wave is spherical.
  7. It is possible to manually set coordinates, instead of providing node_ID with /DFS/DETLINE/.
  8. node_ID1 and node_ID2 are mandatory.