Block Format Keyword Points to an include file in the Starter Input (Runname_0000.rad) file.


#include filename


Field Contents SI Unit Example
filename Filename and path of the include file in the Runname_0000.rad input deck.




  1. The include filename must not contain blank spaces.
  2. The include file may contain one or more blocks.
  3. The include file may not contain incomplete blocks.
  4. The first line of the Runname_0000.rad may not be included in an external file.
  5. In an include file, all lines after the instruction #enddata are ignored.
  6. Include files may be in any directory, other than the main file.
  7. When using sublevel include files, absolute paths for include option are recommended.
  8. Relative paths are allowed; but refer to the working directory.
  9. Include files must respect the Radioss version declared in the main file.
  10. Radioss Starter will stop with an error message, if an include file is not found.
  11. The line including "#include" cannot be greater than 500 characters.
  12. Any /BEGIN (units and input version information) defined in an #include is ignored; except when the include file is part of a //SUBMODEL.