Block Format Keyword Describes the initial state file.


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Ibal IoutyyFMT Ioutynnn              


Field Contents SI Unit Example
Isrtynnn Complete name of the initial state file.

(left tabulated - Character, maximum 100 characters)

Ibal Initial balance flag.
= 0
Default set to 1.
= 1
Do not perform nodal initial balance.
= 2
Nodal initial balance performed.
= 3
Initial balance in shell local frame.


= 2
Format 44
2 (Default)
Format 51


= 2
Ynnn reading file format is RunnameYnnn (old format)
2 (Default)
Ynnn reading file format is Runname_run#.sty




  1. The initial state for shells and solids: density (only solid), internal energy (only solid), plastic strains (only solid), stresses, strains, thickness, hourglass and forces is read in the output file Isrty000: RunnameYnnn (if Irootyy = 2 in /IOFLAG option) or Runname_run#.sty (if Irootyy ≠ 2 in /IOFLAG option).

    The file Isrty000 is also compulsory to define the initial model. Initial states are only available for bricks (solids) and shells. For output file formats, see ASCII Output File (STY-File).

  2. If using /INISTA with User's Material Law, users variables should be initialized with the /OUTP/SOLID/USERS/FULL option in the STY-File.
  3. If Ibal = 2, a new initial balance of the model structure is recomputed.