Block Format Keyword Radioss supports the /KEY option. This format is written by Altair Simulation FEA pre-processors.


  1. There are three distinct crypting algorithms available in Radioss, in all cases the crypting key is defined by the /KEY keyword. The choice of the algorithm is then determined by the key format:
    • Format %SXxxx
      • Reserved for Safety (dummy models, etc.), concern /MAT and /PROP cards
      • Need special safety license.
    • Format %FUxxx
      • Used for /FUNCT card crypting
      • No license needed
    • Other formats: %XXXX, %xxxx
      • Available for material and Property cards crypting via HyperWorks pre-processor
      • Using standard algorithm
      • No license needed

    The capital X may be replaced by any alpha-numeric character; a lower case x may be replaced by any number 0-9.

  2. For further details, refer to Encrypt materials and Properties (and Related Functions when Working in Radioss 5.x mode) in the HyperCrash User Guide.