Block Format Keyword Describes the reference state for elements belonging to a part, using given nodal coordinates.


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Nitrs RSOFMT                


Field Contents SI Unit Example
rs_name File name for reference state.

(Character, maximum 100 characters)

Nitrs Number of steps from reference to initial state.

Default = 100 (Integer)

RSOFMT RS0 file format.
= 0 (Default)
The RS0 file read is a version 5 or later Radioss file (Integer on 10 digits, Real on 20 digits).
= 1
The RS0 file read is a version 4 Radioss file (Integer on 8 digits, Real on 16 digits).




  1. The default (blank line) reference state file name is RunnameRS0.
  2. A reference state file contains the reference coordinates of the nodes (input format is the same as for node coordinates in /NODE option; lines starting with # are comment lines).
  3. A reference state file does not necessarily contain the coordinates of all nodes in the model. If no coordinates are given for a node, initial coordinates are used instead.
  4. Enhanced reciprocity will be obtained if Nitrs is increased.
  5. Reference state is available: