Block Format Keyword Describes the multi-strand element. It could be use with /PROP/TYPE28 (NSTRAND), and it could be used for belt modelization by taking nodes upon the dummy.


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elem_ID grnd_ID                


Field Contents SI Unit Example
part_ID Part identifier of the multi-strand.

(Integer, maximum 10 digits)

elem_ID Element identifier.


grnd_ID Ordered node group identifier.




  1. The ID must be unique in each element family, but it is advised for each element type to have a unique element ID in the global model.
  2. Nodes define a line from the first to the final node of the group.
  3. The grnd_ID must be defined with the keyword /GRNOD.
  4. The grnd_ID input is obligatory. The element will only be composed of the nodes belonging to a node group.

    Figure 1.