Creator Tree-Equipment Material

Equipment materials vary from Bulk Materials in that they do not have an associated particle shape or size distribution. Bulk Materials can also be assigned to Factories; however, Equipment Materials can only be assigned to Geometries.

Add Equipment Material

To add an Equipment Material to a model:

  1. Right click on Equipment Material in the Creator Tree and choose Add Equipment Material or use the icon to add the material. Rename the material as appropriate.
  2. Enter the Poisson's ratio, Shear modulus (or Young’s Modulus), Solids Density and Work Function (if applicable) into the relevant fields.

You can also choose Copy Material to create a duplicate of the currently selected material. To remove a material from a model, select the material then click the button.

Defining Interactions Between Materials

Interactions must be defined with Bulk Materials and Equipment materials. To define an interaction between two materials:

  1. Select the first material from the list of Equipment Materials in the Creator Tree.
  2. Click the + button in the Interactions section.
  3. Select a Bulk Material from the Select Material dialog.
  4. Enter values for the Coefficient of Restitution, Coefficient of Static Friction and Coefficient of Rolling Friction into the relevant fields.



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