Induction Motor-IRTF

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      U_s: Input voltage vector for motor in alpha-beta convention. 

      T_l: Load torque.

      Rotor_lock: Clamp enable for motor shaft. When input is set to 1, the shaft speed is forced to zero. (binary input)


      psi_R: Rotor Flux vectors in d-q axes convention.

      i_s: Output current vector for stator currents in alpha-beta convention.

      theta_me: Mechanical angular position of the rotor.

      w_me: Mechanical angular speed of the rotor.

Description: The Induction Motor-IRTF block is a motor model for a three phase AC Induction machine. This is a mathematical model of an electrical machine based on Ideal Rotating Transformer model.

<tbs. need new dialog box with title bar name change to Induction Motor-IRTF Properties>

Leakage Inductance (H): Indicates the specified rotor leakage inductance in henries.

Magnetizing Inductance (H): Indicates the magnetizing inductance in henries.

Number of Poles Pairs: Indicates the number of motor pole pairs.

Rotational Inertia: <tbs need description>

Rotor Resistance (ohms): Indicates the rotor winding resistance in ohms.

Stator Resistance (ohms): Indicates the stator per phase coil resistance in ohms.