Selecting the system for linearization

The blocks that you select constitute the system that is linearized. The following rules apply to the block set:

      There must be an input and output block that are left unselected and connected directly to the subsystem so that Embed has an input and output reference point for the analysis. If there are multiple inputs and outputs, Embed will select one for you and highlight the selected connectors. If you want to select from among multiple connectors, use Select Input/Select Output command and click the mouse on the reference input and output you desire.

      To ensure that the system contains a state order, an integrator or transferFunction block must be part of the block set. If neither of these blocks is selected, neither a transfer function, root locus plot, Bode plot, nor Nyquist plot can be generated. The ABC matrices will be null, and the D matrix will contain the static gain of the system at the specified operating point.

      If, at the point of linearization, a unitDelay, timeDelay, sampleHold, Boolean, or any nonlinear block is present and is in a zero-sensitivity state (for example, in a deadband or on a limit), then one or more rows of the resulting matrices will be zero. 

To select a block set to linearize

      Use the single block selection method or area select method to select the block set. Selected blocks appear in reverse video.