Defining Calculation Requests

Define the calculation requests in CADFEKO.

This model considers the scattering width of an infinite cylinder. The incident plane wave is normal to the cylinder.

  1. Define a one dimensional periodic boundary condition.
    • Start point: (0, 0, -h/2)
    • End point of first vector: (0, 0, h/2)
    Note: The geometry is allowed to touch the periodic boundaries.
  2. Create a near field request. The scattering width is derived from the direction-dependent scattered field.
    • Definition method: Cylindrical
    • Select Specify increments from the list.
    • Start: (500*lambda, 0, 0)
    • End: (500*lambda, 360, 0)
    • Increment: (0, 0.5, 0)
    • Calculate only the scattered part of the field. This removes the effect of the plane wave on the calculated field. As a result only the scattered fields are considered.
      Tip: Open the Request/Modify near fields dialog, click the Advanced tab and then click the Calculate only the scattered part of the field check box.