Other CADFEKO Application Macros

A collection of smaller CADFEKO application macros are available, but these macros do not include step-by-step instructions.

Pre-Process PollEx REI File

This application macro imports a .rei file from Altair PollEx and creates the associated geometry in CADFEKO.

Automatic Mesh Refinement

This application macro performs an automatic mesh refinement process based on error estimates using the Adaptive refinement tool available in CADFEKO in an itterative fashion. The progress and feedback is shown in the CADFEKO message window.

During the mesh refinement process, request, configurations, frequency and other settings may be adjusted.

Once the mesh refinement completes, a full simulation (including all configurations. requests, frequencies and setting in the original model) will be run. This simulated model named <filename>_refined (where <filename> is the name of the original model) will remain open in CADFEKO at the same folder location as the original model. The original model will remain unmodified.

The Meshing rules added during automatic mesh refinement can be viewed in the model tree.

Variables are added in the refined model that may be used to adjust the automatic refinement thresholds and refine the meshing further if needed.

Automated mesh refinement may also be launched from a Feko terminal using the following command syntax:

cadfeko --non-interactive '<filepath>' --run-script %FEKO_SHARED_HOME%\installedapplicationmacrolibrary\CADFEKO\AutoAdaptiveMeshing\AutoAdaptiveMeshing.lua | more

Create Rough Sea Surface

This application macro creates a CADFEKO model of a rough sea surface.

Create Inductive Charging Coils

This application macro creates a CADFEKO model of two inductive charging coils.

Ideal Power Divider

This application macro generates a network model of an ideal n-port power divider with unequal division, a 2-port Wilkinson power divider with unequal division, and an n-port Wilkinson power divider with equal division.

Create Far Field Equivalent Sources Split Over Frequency

This application macro creates a far field equivalent source for each frequency split over multiple configurations. The application macro also adds a receiving antenna request with each configuration.
Note: Run the Combine Far Field Equivalent Sources application macro in POSTFEKO to combine the result for each configuration.

Optenni Lab: Port Matching

This application macro uses Optenni Lab to generate matching networks for all desired ports.

Parameter Sweep: Create Models

This application macro generates different permutations of a parametric model based on varying the value of the model variables.