Example of an Antenna Attached to a Plate

The example illustrates the synthesis method of the application macro. Optionally, the design method can be used to specify a custom weighting coefficient.

An example of the antenna and plate model is shown below. The antenna is excited at the corner of the plate with a voltage source; for this example, the frequency range is 700 MHz to 960 MHz.

Figure 1. Example of the antenna attached to a plate.
Tip: Find the examples in the <FEKO_SHARED_HOME> directory:


The model is set up with a CMA configuration and the following requests:
  • A CMA request with 20 modes and the Compute modal excitation coefficients check box is selected.
  • A far field request with the default 3D pattern.
  • A current request calculating all the currents on the structure.
An additional standard configuration with the same far field and current requests is added to compare the weighted sum results with the full method of moments (MoM) solution.
Note: Use the CMA plotter application macro to plot CMA quantities and to determine the dominant modes at the frequency of interest.