Quick Tour of the Component Library

The component library consists of two main panels.

The first panel allows you to browse through the available components. The second panel (only applicable to antennas) allows you to refine the selected antenna.

Figure 1. The Component library dialog. On the left, the first panel for browsing components and to the right, the second panel for refining the component.
  1. Components

    View the list of components (antennas and platforms) in the component library. Find a component quickly by either entering filter text or filter the list according to the component type. To select a component, click on an item in the list.

  2. Geometry preview / results

    View images of the selected component in 1. Click on an image to maximise and click again to minimise.

  3. Description
    View a summary of the selected component in 1, as well as keywords relevant to the component.
    Tip: Use the keywords as filter text in 1 to find similar components.
  4. Antenna settings
    Refine the selected antenna with additional options and settings.
  5. Hover with the mouse over the icon to view the message. This icon is only displayed if there is an incompatibility between the new component and the current model.
  6. Click the icon to view the solution methods in the Feko documentation.
  7. Solver information
    View a summary of the solution methods that can be selected to solve the antenna. Not all solution methods are supported for each component due to differences in how the component model is set up.