Adding a Transmission Line

Define an ideal, non-radiating transmission line. In the network schematic view, connect the transmission line to a port, other transmission lines or general networks.

  1. On the Source/Load tab, in the Loads/networks group, click the  TX line icon.

    Figure 1. The Add transmission line dialog.
  2. Under Definition methods, specify one of the following:
    • Z0, length, attenuation
    • Z0, length, attenuation, VOP
    • Z0, length, medium
  3. Specify the transmission line length using one of the following:
    • To determine the distance between the start point and end point of the transmission line automatically, select the Determine length from position.
    • To specify the transmission line length, in the Transmission line length field, enter the length.
  4. In the Real part of Z0 (Ohm) field, specify the real value.
  5. In the Imaginary part of Z0 (Ohm) field, specify the imaginary value.
  6. Specify one of the following, depending on the selection in 2.
    • Attenuation (dB/m)
      Losses of the transmission line in dB/m.
      Note: The propagation constant is taken as the propagation constant of the medium in which the start and end ports are located. As a result, the attenuation specified is added to any losses of this medium.
      Velocity of propagation
      The propagation speed through the transmission line relative to the speed of light.
      The medium used as the background medium for the transmission line.

The positive port voltage is in the direction of the connected segment (from the start to the end point of the segment). As a result, the input and output ports of the transmission line have unique orientations.

  1. [Optional] Select the Cross input and output ports check box to cross the input and output ports.
  2. In the Label field, add a unique label for the transmission line.
  3. Click the Create button to create the transmission line and to close the dialog.
  • View the transmission line definition in the model tree (Configuration tab), under Non-radiating networks.
  • The transmission line is added to the network schematic view where you can connect the transmission line to a port, other transmission lines or general networks.