Finding Elements

Locate specific mesh elements by element number (ID) in the 3D view.

When a warning or error message is obtained during the solution of a model, in some cases the message is related to a specific mesh element.1. With the Find elements tool, you can find and view the location of the mesh element.
  1. On the 3D View contextual tabs set, on the Mesh tab, in the Tools group, click the  Find elements icon.
  2. From the Element type drop-down list, select the type of mesh element you want to find.
  3. In the Element ID(s) field, enter the element number(s) you want to find.
    Tip: Search for multiple elements by separating the element numbers with a comma.

    Figure 1. Finding two mesh triangles by ID (number).
  4. [Optional] To retain the annotations, click Add annotation(s).
  5. Click Close to close the dialog.
1 The mesh element ID(s) would be given in the .out file