Fixed Defects

Issues Short description of the source problem resolved in this version
Environment FX-22905 In the editor of formula and spatial quantities, there were problems with the dimensions of some buttons. Therefore, the labels of these quantities were not fully visible.

This problem has been fixed in the Flux 2022.0.1 hotfix.

Environment FX-23256 A bug while opening the Flux Material Identification Tool (available via the Flux Supervisor) with Compose 2022.0 version has been fixed. Now, it can be successfully run with either Compose 2021.2 or 2022.0 version.
Macros FX-23010 There was a problem with the macro "AFIR_BACK_EMF_COGGING_TORQUE"

The "ROTATIVE_SPEED" input given in the macro was not assign to velocity of the rotating mechanical set.

Instead, the value of RPM given was assign to "Position at time t=0s".

This macro has been corrected in the Flux 2022.0.1 hotfix.

Solving FX-23088 Fixing the search and check of the function names when using Compose files for the free-shape optimization.
Solving FX-22950 While using the coil conductor region with detailed description in Flux 2D Transient Magnetic application released in 2022 version, Flux generated an irreparable error when the user tried to delete the solved-scenario results. This issue is now fixed: the results can be properly deleted and the modeling process can go on.