Publish Reports

Generate a report as a .pptx file from the results of a completed simulation.

To make changes to the default template for report generation, update the template in Report template in Preferences.
  1. From the Run History window, select a completed run.
  2. On the ribbon, click the Feasibility tab.
  3. From the Run tools, select the Report icon.

    The Report dialog appears.
  4. For File Name, enter the name for the .pptx file of the report.
  5. Select the Model Setup and Results information to include in the report. The Results options are the same as those found in the Analysis Explorer.
  6. Click the Publish button.
    A report with your specified results is generated as a .pptx file and stored in the same directory as the run history specified in the Preferences.
    Note: Any user-defined callouts or custom views, such as draw-direction or isometric views, are captured in the report.