Using the Application Macro

Execute the アプリケーションマクロ in POSTFEKO to determine the interference matrix for the multiport S-parameter calculation.

  1. Open POSTFEKO, add a model and run the Plot interference matrix アプリケーションマクロ.

    Figure 1. The Plot interference matrix dialog.
  2. Select the S-parameter request from the drop-down list.
    Note: All ports in the request must be active for the アプリケーションマクロ to successfully calculate the interference matrix.
  3. Select the Interference or Maximum hold matrix to be calculated.
  4. If Interference is selected, enter the Frequency for calculation in Hz.
  5. If Maximum hold is selected, enter the Upper frequency and Lower frequency in Hz and the Number of samples.
  6. Set the Upper limit for the marginal range in dB.
  7. Set the Lower limit for the marginal range in dB.
  8. Click Update matrix.
    The matrix is displayed on the dialog.

    Figure 2. The Plot interference matrix dialog after updating the matrix.
  9. [Optional] Modify the port names and click Update matrix.
  10. [Optional] Enter a File name and click Export.
    The interference matrix is exported to a .html file.
  11. Press Escape or click X in the top right corner to close the Plot interference matrix dialog.