.contgap.fem file

The .contgap.fem file is an ASCII format file. It is used to visualize the internally created contact elements. The contact elements are presented as CGAPG elements.

File Creation

This file is created when CONTPRM,CONTGAP,YES is used.

File Contents

The file contains CGAPG elements, PGAP properties, and the auxiliary GRIDs for contact visualization.

File Format

The formats of GRID, CGAPG, and PGAP are the same as for the Bulk Data Entries.


  1. To visualize the configuration of the contact elements, load the original FEA model in HyperMesh and import this file. Ensure that the FE overwrite option is turned on in the import panel.
  2. During optimization, this file contains the contact elements at the latest iteration. To visualize this configuration correctly for shape optimization, the shape of the FEA model should be updated by applying shape change results.
  3. The parameter GAPPRM,GPCOINC is automatically included in this file.