Movable Solid Domain

Reposition or modify one or more parts between iterations of the simulation while keeping the geometry of the static solid and fluid domains constant. For example, you would designate the handle of a ball valve as a movable solid domain to run a simulation with the valve closed and another iteration with it open.

Note: If you only need to analyze the fluid part without considering the surrounding geometry, then you can skip defining the solid domain, and go directly to defining the fluid domain. The solver will treat everything that doesn't have a boundary condition as in contact with a solid part.
Before defining the movable solid domain, you need to define the static solid domain.
  1. On the Fluids ribbon, select the Movable Solid Domain tool.

  2. Select one or more parts that can be moved and modified before running a new iteration of the simulation.
  3. In the microdialog, assign a material.