Altair® Monarch® Server


Running an Offline Process

When an offline process runs, it executes all offline tasks assigned to it. A offline process can be run in two ways:

  • Manually — To run an offline process manually, click the Run Now button on the Offline Process page. You can do this immediately after you've finished configuring a new process, or you can manually run a previously configured process by going to the Offline Processes page, selecting the process you want to run, and then clicking the Run Now button.

Note: When you click the Run Now button, there may be a brief delay before the process actually runs. This is due to a time discrepancy between the server's clock and the clock on the local machine. Processes are run according to the time of the server's clock.

  • Scheduled — To execute an offline process via a scheduled runtime, specify the execution frequency for it on the Offline Process page, then click Save. At the specified time, the process will be executed.