Altair® Monarch® Server


Report Warehouse Components

The MSAdmin is a part of the Report Warehouse system, which consists of these major components:

  • SQL database. Report Warehouse works with industry-standard SQL databases. It supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016/2017/2018. A database server can be chosen from a list of supported devices based on your report volume and existing network architecture. This database supplies the underlying mechanisms for managing the internal data structures.

  • Monarch Server Administrator (MSAdmin). It is used by the system administrator to define the parameters of the system. MSAdmin identifies where reports are to be found, how they are to be processed into electronic documents, and where the results (that is, documents) will be physically stored. It calls Monarch to set up models for indexing and extracting data from documents. MSAdmin provides capabilities for enforcing system security, establishing user rights and privileges, and handling maintenance issues.

  • Monarch Server Client (MSClient). It contains the functionality necessary for retrieving documents. It allows users to query the report warehouse in a number of ways to find the documents that they are looking for. Once found, these documents are launched into Monarch with the appropriate model file for viewing and analysis. MSClient is also used to process reports into documents. Using the parameters established in MSAdmin, new reports are recognized, indexed, broken into documents, and stored away, creating a warehouse of documents and indexes.