Altair® Panopticon


Parameterization of Connection Settings for Data Connectors

Connecting to data connectors typically requires application login. To be able to connect, you may need to enter the following information, depending on the connector:

q  Host Name

q  Port

q  Server Name

q  User ID

q  Password

q  Database

This information is then stored in XML files detailing user & group permissions in workbooks. To secure data access and avoid storing connection information in the workbook, it is recommended to parameterize these fields in connectors.


1.     On the Parameters pane of the Data Table Settings, define the connection settings you will use for the connector. Such as the following:

·         Host

·         User

·         Pwd

·         Server

·         DB

·         Port


2.     Click on a data source. The Data Source Settings pane is displayed.

3.     Parameterize the entries in the pane.

For example:

4.     Click  for static connectors or   for streaming connectors then .