Altair® Panopticon


Table Visualization Axis

The Y axis of the Table visualization includes the following settings:




Leaf Bar Thickness

The thickness of the leaf or lowest level of data. Default is 80.

Leaf Label Angle

The Label angle of the leaf or lowest level of data of the crosstab axis. Default is 0, accepts values between -90 and +90.

Inner Bar Thickness

The width or height allocated for the non-leaf components of the Table axis in pixels. Default is 80.

Inner Label Angle

The angle of the non-leaf labels. Default is 0, accepts values between -90 and +90.

Row Height

Defines the height of table rows in pixels. For tables created in versions before 2021.1 the configured “Minimum Interval Length” is used. Default is 30.

Word Wrap

Determines whether to wrap the visualization axis text.

Show All Column Levels

Determines whether the space in the text axis should be allocated to all hierarchy levels, whether visible or not.

Show Column Labels

Determines whether column labels are visible or not. Enabled by default.

Show Grid Lines

Determines whether grid lines are visible or not.

Show Zebra Stripes

Determines whether to display alternating row colors (like zebra stripes) in the table.


Foreground color of the Y-axis.


Background color of the Y-axis.