Altair® Panopticon


Creating Data Extract from MS Excel

Used for retrieving data from MS Excel workbooks or spreadsheets, where for each selected sheet, the first row contains the field/column names, and subsequent rows contain the data.


In production use, it is not advised to use a single Excel file as multiple Panopticon data sources. This is because, when using the same Excel file with the data on several sheets, conflicts may occur in reading the file.

A workaround could be to set up a Data Extract with scheduled refresh for each of the datasets in the Excel file, and then let the data tables in your workbook load the data from the Data Extracts.



1.     On the New Data Extract page, select MS Excel in the Connector drop-down list.

2.     Follow steps 3 to 7 in MS Excel to define the connector settings.

3.     Click  to save and display the details of the data extract.

4.     Click  then  to display the data preview.