Altair® Panopticon


Saving or Loading Column Definitions in the Data Sources

Save or load column definitions in the data sources.


1.      Click  to the fetch the schema based on the connection details. Consequently, the list of columns with the data type found from inspecting the first ‘n’ rows of the input data source is populated and the Save button is enabled.

2.     Click  to save a copy of a column definitions file (.exs).

3.     Instead of generating columns done in step 8, click to load a column definitions (.exs) file.

The Load Column Definitions dialog displays.

3.1.    To load column definitions, you can either:

¨        drag it from your desktop and drop in the dialog, or

¨        click Choose Column Definitions File to Load and select one in the Open dialog that displays.

The name of the column definitions is displayed on the loaded column definitions area.

3.2.    Click .

A notification displays when the file is loaded.

This populates the list of columns from the .exs file.